Klinker Club

improvisation • right weird • pants • poetry • film • dance


Fri 17 February 2017

Jamison Williams – soprano saxophone from US
Matt Scott – bayan accordion

Alan Tomlinson – trombone
Dave Tucker – guitar
Phil Marks – drums

Gabby Tyrrell – performance poet

Amor Bendito – guitar and songs of Spain

Tue 17 January 2017

Raf and O – live electronics, acoustic instruments and fragile, magnetic, strange lullabies married to a pop spirit

Sandy Kindness – baritone sax / reeds
Ronauald Wadych – guitar and bits

Film by Hugh Metcalfe – with guitar, violin, gasmask, and poetry

Ben Pritchard – dissonant chordal guitar pluckings

Dance – tbc

New Year New Venue

It’s all change for 2017, as Klinker Club will be moving to new premises:

1st Floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road
London E2 OAG

The date will be the changing to the 17th of each month

And some updates to times and prices:

DOORS 7:30pm – 11:00pm
ACTS 8:00pm – 10:30pm
ENTRY £7 / £4 concs

Event details TBC as they come in so please come back soon…

And big fat New Year Greetings to one and all!

Thu 15 December 2016


Lady Klinker’s 35th Year!

The Brapist Monks – Beatbox Duo

  • Lord Klinker
  • Lynda Beast

The Bert Shaft Orchestra

Autobitch – Bristol Duo

The Remote Viewers – first gig for recent CD “November Sky”

  • David Petts – sax
  • Sue Lynch – sax
  • Adrian Northover – sax
  • Caroline Kraabel – sax

At this point Klinker Club would like to celebrate the life of Klinker Son – John Marmaduke Metcalfe – who sadly passed away two years ago.

Tue 15 November 2016


Penny Rimbaud – drums, percussion
Hugh Metcalfe – guitar, poetry
Kay Grant – voice

Gabriel Keen – keyboards
Bob Peachy – saxes

Hairs in the Gate – 16mm film projetion with live bodily articulations

  • James Holcombe
  • Oliver Bancroft

Sat 15 October 2016

Bitten By A Monkey – wonderful whacky tunes

  • Dylan Bates – violin, xaphoon, saw, bongos
  • Roland Bates – piano, melodica, glockenspiel
  • Steve Myers – great bass recorder, singing bowl

Truth Street – people’s story of Hillsborough, voiced by

  • David Cain
  • Sandy Cain

Alan Wilkinson – bass clarinet, alto sax
Tasos Stamou – live electronics

Thu 15 September 2016

The 15th September event was sadly cancelled, as well as all events on the 8th of the month (until further notice). But events on the 15th of every month are still happening with October next…

Xiaolu Guo – words
Steve – guitar
Matt Scott – accordion
Amanda Drummond – viola (tbc)

Ed Dawie – solo songs with electronics

Thu 8 September 2016

The Eleventh Hour Adventists

  • Stephen Bird aka Jowe Head – guitar, vocals, electronics
  • Jasmine Pender – cello, vocals, electronics

Did We Dream It?

  • Julia Doyle – double bass
  • Dave Fowler – drums
  • Ruth Marshall – violin
  • Nonny Ardell – guitar
  • Sue Lynch – sax

Nick Lubran – flute and words