Klinker Club

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Sat 17 March 2018

The Remote Viewers

  • David Petts – sax
  • Adrian Northover – sax
  • John Edwards – double bass

Gabrielle Repunk Tyrrell – poetry

Bicycle Clip Sex

  • James Holcombe – electronics
  • Hugh Metcalfe – films + words & guitar
  • Matt Scott – accordion

Sir Gideon Vein – the esteemed & venerated Victorian thespian returns

Alix Hyde – violin from Macclesfield and known further afield

Sat 17 February 2018

The Static Memories – Pulling at your attention like a super-magnet in a room of steel screws

  • Gus Garside – double bass and electronics
  • Dan Powell – electronics

Paul Taylor’s Trombone Poetry – Wunderfuel!

Jeff Hilson – poetry

Dave Draper – guitar
Bob Peachey – sax
Lyrically free improvising saxophone meets heavily processed, densely layered guitar

Wed 17 January 2018

Fanny Octavia Batman – Monosyllabic Batmanic free rock with Klinker founder of exceptional millinery

  • Hugh Metcalfe – words & guitar
  • Stanley Bad – bass
  • Jim Le Baigue – drums

Kath Tait – Subversive songs to undermine the psychology of modern man

First outing for trio of new sonic explorers –
Klaus Bru – C melody sax
Otto Willberg – double bass
Matt Scott – accordion

Tue 17 December 2017

Special celebration to mark to life and work of Jennifer Pike

Shabsi Mann – guitar/vocals
Jude Cowan Montague – keyboards/vocals
Two of London’s finest songwriter/musicians in a new duo – invited back specially after meeting while performing separately at a previous Klinker

Liz Bentley – Ukulele and Casio keyboard marvel with mind full of mad verse, back by popular demand for more ‘tales in the deep end’

Caroline Kraabel – sax
Hugh Metcalfe – guitar/violin
Matt Scott – accordion
Amazing Seattle-hailing reed virtuoso joins the Klinker team for the night

Fri 17 November 2017

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg – voice
Benedict Taylor – viola
Belgium vocal virtuoso and stalwart of the London scene in a rare pairing

Walter Cardew – guitar
Androniki Cardew – keyboards
Horace Cardew – tenor sax
Paul Taylor – trombone
Cornelius Cardew descendents are joined by trombonist with a poetic bent to create a music entirely of their own

Film soundtrack project to The Begotten. Sounds like deranged monks.
“God disembowels himself with a straight razor”

Tue 17 October 2017

Matt’s Fiftieth Birthday Klinker!

Liz Bentley – delightful muses on things such as Tesco delivery services… accompanied with ukelele

Cabbagehead trio returns

  • Hugh Metcalfe – guitar & violin
  • Andrew Ranken – drums
  • Matt Scott – accordion

Sholto Dobie – prepared acoustic guitar
Ben Pritchard – prepared acoustic guitar
– new improvisation duo project

Matt Scott – accordion
Alix Hyde – violin from Macclesfield: a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and music producer who has performed throughout North America and the UK

Sun 17 September 2017

Illi Adato – solo electronics and objects

Lost Osbaldestons – violinists’ duo’s debut with potentially unexpected complications

  • Sue Ferrar
  • Stanley Bad

Becky Fury
The Double Malcolm Hardee Award winning Becky Fury presents a scratch expert from this years Molotov Cocktail Party” – Edinburgh Preview
Finest sticks of clnddy dynamite to be found for love or a suggested donation” – Scotsgay

James Holcombe – brand new films from Cumbria including rubbings of implements and objects in the countryside

Thu 17 August 2017

Chris Dowding – trumpet and electronics
Sylvia Hallett – violin and electronics
Two masters in the art of soundmaking

Charlotte Keeffe – solo trumpet
Responding to the space around us with fizzling brassy fireworks!

Bitten By a Monkey – Some welcome monkey magic from this wonderful, talented, whimsical trio, invariably rewarding of your attention:

  • Roland Bates
  • Steve Myers
  • Dylan Bates