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Sat 1 June 2019

Klinker ISpwich flyer June 2019

At the legendary Steamboat Tavern

Phil Minton – free improviser and yodelling bird singer
Hughie Metcalfe – multi-instrumentalist and flamingo

Maddy Skeet – local poet

Chris Askew – singer-songwriter

Hugh – Super-8 Films

Ian Griffiths – poet who lives by the Stour

Solomon – singer songwriter plus duo with Maddy (vocals)


Thu 20 September 2018


Klinker Club ISpwich is back and we’re grateful to The Steamboat Tavern for hosting us this month.

Bob’s Your Auntie

  • Joe Crawley – electric guitar + effects
  • Hugh Metcalfe – film, percussion, strings
  • Ryan Jordan – thumb piano, noise
  • Matt Scott – accordion

Ian Griffiths – wonderful local poet

Nicola Woodman – London vocalist with samples, pedals and electronics

Jonner – solos soundz from the Betriebsrat

Thu 19 July 2018

After last month’s opening night sock-knocking, Klinker Club Ipswich returns with a bang to P J McGinty’s

FO Batman

  • Hughie Metcalfe – throbbing super tonic guitar riffs and vile lyrics
  • Ryan Jordan – strobe, noise & smoke

the some Browsers poets

Talking Sleeve – pot noodle noise

Matt Scott – squeezebox solo

Thu 21 June 2018


Welcome to the new Klinker ISpwich!

Opening Night in the Loft

F.O. Batman

  • Fanny Octavia – voice & guitar
  • Lynda Beast – bass
  • Fanny or Nancy (depending) – drums
  • with special guest Ryan Jordan – noise & smoke (warning: strobe effects…)

Temporary McName – poetry, electronix, fantastic klinky stuff

Silent super eight film set – H Metcalfe, Teddys + more

Bombastic Egalitarian

  • Leigh Rowlands – Songwriter, guitarist